Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lebanon’s dark fate

That last vestiges of democracy abandon my country, leaving it as barren as the rest of the Arab world.…

What saddens me, however, is not the fact that the Syrian are the only ones calling the shots in Lebanon, but the fact that not one politicians that wield powers effective botching their planes, dared stand against them. All cowered down and nodded their acceptance, relinquishing their ideals, the trust put in them, and their country.…

However I shouldn't feel betrayed, for it is the Syrian who appointed these so called Lebanese government officials (ministers, MP and the rest) and it is quit natural for them to follow their masters blindly. Yet for several of them I still harbored some sliver of hope, that they will revolt and shed their cloaks of servitude and grasped freedom, no matter what the cost will be to them or their personnel interests. But I was wrong, and no matter what they say or will say, I will never again vote for them or support them!…

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

No more cookies!

I finished David Gemmell’s the swords of night and day. And as usual I was great. And without spoiling it, the last two lines were chilling. However it is a bit repetitive compared to his earlier novels. Desperate times, the hero comes, and with the help of a few friends and allies they win the day against all odds.

But Gemmell writing is so entrancing and his imagination is so vivid that one forgets about these and enjoys the ride. Just like a roller coaster ride, which one have already rode several times. Yet each time the thrill is present. Or as I compared it earlier, it is just like a home made cookie. And no matter how many times you eat it, it is still yummy!

Now that I have finished all David Gemmell’s novel I had, there no more cookies.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Musing on life

I have read a very interesting article today here is the part I enjoyed most. It appeared in the Sunday Times Culture on august 22, 2004. It was by Bryan Appleyard, and it was a comment on a new book on the Simpsons called: Planet Simpson by Chris Turner.

“How on earth do we get by, living as we do, amid the exhausted projects of modernity?
However, you can’t really satirize life, because there is no norm by which it can be judged, no perspective from which it can be seen. It’s all we have, it’s where we live. You can’t make it better by laughing at it; you can only make it more bearable. These shows aren’t satire; they are, in the highest sense of the word, consolations. They trash life as it has become the one true corrupter.”

Wow ... this quote so capture how I feel...

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The agonizing process of writing

Last night I had quiet an interesting conversation with a professor of mien. We talked about lots of stuff, but mainly about writing and how hard it is, and yet in paradoxical way, how enjoyable and fulfilling it is.

I don’t know how other person finds it, but for me it exasperating to sit down, and keystroke by bloody keystroke write a work of fiction.
For in my mind it is crystal clear, it is perfect. Yet once it comes out it slowly degrade, until it is unrecognizable from the ideal I had in mind. In a way it is a perfect example of Plato’s perfect ideas theory. Everything in our material world is but pale reflection of an invisible perfection.

However once I have written what I planned to. Once I applied all my effort and skill, the result is so fulfilling. Although it may be bad or inadequate compared to other literary work or standards, yet for me it is a culmination of an agonizing effort, and that in itself the achievement. The feeling that I finished something, that I built an edifice, no matter how it looks, the feeling of achievement is magnificent. It is in the end what drives me thru the hard process of writing.

Friday, August 20, 2004

A hefty week

Long time since I last wrote anything on my blog. Well it has been a hefty week, I had some work to do, a couple of trips to the bank, and I have finally enrolled in a fitness club, and it is great. Other than that it is still the same old thing…
My work on U3T has lagged behind, but I should at least write at least two more posts on it from now till next week. Maybe finishing my analysis of the corporal time travel branch of the theory.
Meanwhile don't hesitate to throw in your comment and ideas…

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The unified theory of time travel ( U3T )

Today I will begin the elaboration of my unified theory of time travel ( U3T ). It encompass all the different theories of time travel I came across and some I thought of myself (I will try to source all the theories I came across)

First level:

First time travel as is, can be divvied into two main branches: possible or impossible.
Defining the two terms, Time travel is possible: means that by any means or methods a sentient entity can travel back in time (whether the entity travels corporally or incorporeally or if it can interact or just witness the past, will be left for discussion in the next levels of the theory) this branch of the theory will be referred to as ( I ) : ( number one in roman symbols)
The second term, time travel is impossible: means that no sentient entity can travel back in time, no matter what means or methods it uses. This branch of the theory will be referred to as ( II ) : ( number two in roman symbols)

The second level:

Moreover traveling back in time refers to the act of traveling to a time that precedes the present, whether it is by a second or a million years.
Next I will deal with the next level of the theory in the ( I ) branch.
The fact that it is possible to perform time travel via robots or cameras, as opposed to time travel in person causes the theory to diverge in two possible branches:
The first referred to as ( I-A ): states that time travelers can go back in time in person or corporally
The second referred to as ( I-B): states that time travelers cannot go back in time in person or corporally. Rather they go incorporeally ( in spirit/mind or via robot or cameras, the different ways of incorporate time travel will be explored in the next level of the theory)

NB: Of course this theory is still under study so it can (and it will most probably) undertake many modifications and changes. Therefore each time a change or edit some already published parts I will amend it with a version number.

U3T Version: 0.10

Next post about U3T I will try to include schematics to better illustrate the different levels of the theory.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Star Wars: Knights of the old republic

Today I have updated my profile (yet again!) and I have added a counter to my site. I still in the middle of the book I am reading (the swords of night and fire) it is still great, and I advice it to anyone wanting to spend some entertaining moments. This weekend I have written one critique.
I should start thinking about what is the manuscript I am going to send to the online writing workshop.
As usually I have done nothing I planed on the weekend, or almost. My library is still in dire need of organization. For I have spent all my spare time on a very interesting and enthralling PC game, called Star Wars: Knights of the old republic. Anyone out there who like or want to discover PC RPG this is the game! (I realize it is an old game but I only managed to get a few weeks ago)

Friday, August 13, 2004

My next posts subjects: Time travel & Democracy

The weekend is here. I intend to finish David Gemmell’s book by Monday, and to reorganize my library, hopefully, and maybe do a critique or tow for
Monday Rim (my girlfriend, who also has a blog: and I should start going to the Gym. The gym, called Lifestyles is really great, it has almost everything.
I guess that is it for today but hopefully next week I will try to tackle two subjects in more details: the first is what I talked about in my previous post on Democracy and if there is any better form of government, the second is the beginning of a small project I had in mind for along time. It is a kind of a paper about the different theories on time travel (some I read about in SCI-FI books and others I thought about). Hopefully i would be able in the end to combine the different posts on Time travel to form a single article.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

David Gemmell’s home made cookies

I opted for David Gemmell’s “ The swords of night and day”. His books are, well just like home made cookies, once you start you can’t stop, they taste great and they are eaten in a second. And this book is pure Gemmell, in addition I get to meet my favorite no nonsense hero of all time: “ Druss the axe man!”
Meanwhile I am searching for a good, because I am gaining kilos like crazy, especially sitting all day in the office…
Yesterday I was supposed to write a new post in the afternoon, however I got busy.
I was thinking of starting a discussion about democracy, its failings, and whether there is another form of government that is better. For in my opinion the perfect form of government is the one where each vote is crucial yet equal to all others. A little paradox all in itself.
More on this subject to come.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Today I updated my profile, and hallelujah my books finally arrived. The books are : Hammerfall, Pandora’s star, Redemption Ark, A talent for war, Left hand of darkness, Devlin’s Luck, and the swords of night and day. So now I just need to decide which one to begin. I wrote a critique for a short story on and I should write another one today. I will be posting a longer post this afternoon.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Waiting for my books

Well this is my first post ever! So I really don’t know what to write. Other than saying I am at work and I should start writing. For these days the workload is rather on the thin side! However idleness is so tempting. I need to break out of this circle, and maybe this blog will help me accomplish that.
Meanwhile I am waiting for my book order from Amazon to arrive. I have ordered several books, including Peter Hamilton’s latest: Pandora’s Box and David Gemmell latest the swords of night and day. And if someone could help me decide which one to read first that would be great. I will tell you what the rest of my book order is when it get here (hopefully tomorrow)