Monday, August 16, 2004

Star Wars: Knights of the old republic

Today I have updated my profile (yet again!) and I have added a counter to my site. I still in the middle of the book I am reading (the swords of night and fire) it is still great, and I advice it to anyone wanting to spend some entertaining moments. This weekend I have written one critique.
I should start thinking about what is the manuscript I am going to send to the online writing workshop.
As usually I have done nothing I planed on the weekend, or almost. My library is still in dire need of organization. For I have spent all my spare time on a very interesting and enthralling PC game, called Star Wars: Knights of the old republic. Anyone out there who like or want to discover PC RPG this is the game! (I realize it is an old game but I only managed to get a few weeks ago)

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