Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hezbollah and Chebbaa farms

In 2000 when Israel withdrew from South Lebanon, Hezbollah decided to continue its resistance against Israel's occupation. So they dug up old maps of a 50 km2 strip of land called Chebbaa farms and decided that it was part of Lebanon.

However, that piece of land being under the control of Syria in 1967 it was occupied by Israel and considered Syrian. So Israel refused to give up this small plot...eight years forward, after one war, several clashes, thousands of casualties, the land is still "occupied” by Israel and Hezbollah is still trying to free it.

A week ago the US secretary Condoleezza Rice visited Lebanon and declared the US intention to work on placing Chebbaa under UN control until its border is firmly marked and placed under the Syrian or Lebanese sovereignty. (Syria to keep the resistance going in Lebanon always refused to deliver the necessary paperwork to the UN to award Lebanon sovereignty)

Lo and behold Hezbollah officials bristled with indignation, denouncing this move as a ploy to end the resistance and strip its weapons… in other words Hezbollah was against a full Israeli withdrawal from supposedly Lebanese lands because this will end their divine resistance.

A Lebanese paradox par excellence. A resistance that encourages an occupier “occupation” and attacks any effort at freeing the land, maybe Hezbollah has an exclusive dealership on freeing lands…

Meanwhile the political crisis drags on, slowly rotting the stats and its institutions away; at least we have a president. And this is what driving General Aoun (Hezbollah staunchest ally) even madder.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"I am proud to be part of the Wilayat el Fakih"

Nassrallah was very adamant in admitting that he was part of Iran's politico-religious hegemony, saying outloud that he was " proud to be part of the Wilayat el Fakih" But, he claimed that this same supreme authority wanted only the best for Lebanon and insisted on a multicultural and diverse country.

A simple question comes to mind... what would happen when this divine authority no longer desire a multicultural, democratic and free Lebanon? Nassrallah himself answered that question: he is first and foremost part of Iran's hegemony and he will follow it regardless of Lebanon's interests. Further evidences were abundantly witnessed in Beirut's street when Hezbollah went on a murderous rampage.

Meanwhile, the truce brokered in Doha seems to be holding. But the volcano that erupted two weeks ago is far from dead. Too many issues were left unresolved, and too much blood has been spilled. And most of all, it seems that Hezbollah has suffered its first military set back in years.

The Druze in Mount Lebanon fought Hezbollah militiamen to a stand still, inflicting heavy casualties (Nassrallah admitted 14 death, the toll is rumored to be much higher and includes two top ranking field officers...)

Everyday brings more tales of the fierce battles that raged in the mountains, when Hezbollah was forced to use artillery and mortars to fend off the fierce defense of Joumblatt's men and even Hezbollah own druze allies who refused to see their homes overrun by Nassrallah's militiamen.

In the mean time, despite all the venomous rhetoric, threats and accusations hurled at PM Siniora and all the pressure Nassrallah exerted, PM Siniora is back in office with a strong President holding the fragile peace together. And until further notice, Lebanon is a democracy and in such a system there is only one method of gaining political control...elections...