Sunday, March 05, 2006

No comment!

Hearing about religious fanatics and their twisted believes is common these days, however saying their propaganda up-close and personal is totally different.
I was so surprised when noticed these posters on the wall of my city (Saida, 40 Km south of Beirut) that I rushed back home and brought my camera…

The four posters as i found them:

This is the first one out of three others i found on the same theme. They are plastered all around this mosque ( Bilal's mosque close to KFC in Hilaleieh for those of you who know Saida)

Here is another one of the damned things:

And the third one:

This is another place where I found the same posters. This is the wall of the mosque; you can see it in the background. Notice what is written on the side of the posters! Yes it is the entrance of "Al jinan's" children crèche. And they wonder how people can become suicide bombers!!!

And here is a translation for those of you who do not know Arabicthe first one says:"Since the creation of Lebanon by France, has never been a full country. It's a door through which the colonial powers have encroached to the lands of the Muslims. The only solution is to melt it and all the other countries of the region into the Muslim Khalifat. Liberation party - Region of Lebanon"

The second:"The absence of the khalifat has emboldened our enemies, the spiteful western and colonial nations to the point that they mock what is most sacred to us. Only the Muslim Khalifat can help us hold our heads up straight. Liberation party - Region of Lebanon"

Finally the third awful message is: " A muslim loyalty to god, his prophet and the believers. All loyalty to the west and our traitor leaders is a betrayal of god, his prophet and the believers"