Friday, August 13, 2004

My next posts subjects: Time travel & Democracy

The weekend is here. I intend to finish David Gemmell’s book by Monday, and to reorganize my library, hopefully, and maybe do a critique or tow for
Monday Rim (my girlfriend, who also has a blog: and I should start going to the Gym. The gym, called Lifestyles is really great, it has almost everything.
I guess that is it for today but hopefully next week I will try to tackle two subjects in more details: the first is what I talked about in my previous post on Democracy and if there is any better form of government, the second is the beginning of a small project I had in mind for along time. It is a kind of a paper about the different theories on time travel (some I read about in SCI-FI books and others I thought about). Hopefully i would be able in the end to combine the different posts on Time travel to form a single article.

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