Wednesday, August 11, 2004

David Gemmell’s home made cookies

I opted for David Gemmell’s “ The swords of night and day”. His books are, well just like home made cookies, once you start you can’t stop, they taste great and they are eaten in a second. And this book is pure Gemmell, in addition I get to meet my favorite no nonsense hero of all time: “ Druss the axe man!”
Meanwhile I am searching for a good, because I am gaining kilos like crazy, especially sitting all day in the office…
Yesterday I was supposed to write a new post in the afternoon, however I got busy.
I was thinking of starting a discussion about democracy, its failings, and whether there is another form of government that is better. For in my opinion the perfect form of government is the one where each vote is crucial yet equal to all others. A little paradox all in itself.
More on this subject to come.

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