Monday, April 21, 2008

Aoun's tribulations!

As Aoun’s party crumbles around him, the retired general resorted to his old tricks, as usual. He stired open the wound of the war, despite the fact that the blood of innocents stains the hands of all current leaders, the “divine” ones and the not so divine.

Aoun launched a new round of accusations, of imaginary mass graves and land selling for the purpose of resettling the Palestinian, trying to draw attention away from the consequences of the staggering blow he suffered. Michel Murr, one of the few real politicians in Lebanon, and one fo the most corrupt, decided to break his alliance with Aoun!

The consequences of this change of allegiance are staggering: First, Aoun will never again dream of winning any parliamentary seats in the Metn area (check my analysis of 2007 electoral results)

Second, Murr move further weaken Aoun, especially when internal vicious fighting between Aoun’s inner family members over the control of his party are reaching a peak, that reeks of nepotism and corruption. Especially, between Aoun’s “genius” son-in-law Gebran Basseil and his Nephew Alan Aoun, and the factions they each represent.

Third, with his parliamentary bloc crumbling, Aoun feels his presidential dreams slipping farther away from his grasp, making him reach for any illusionary hope, in order to keep his Napoleonic dreams afloat. And the latest such boast, is Aoun claim that FOUR members of parliament from March 14 will join his bloc.

So I will make a small wager with the general (although I know I am unworthy of that honor –sic-) “on the contrary to what you think “mon general”, no one will join your bloc from 14 March (of course if Hezbollah or Berri want to lend you some MPs that their problem) and an additional number of your allies will leave you!”

In the end, only time will tell...