Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free fall

A Lebanese journalist described our country’s situation as a “chicken game” the two factions composing the current Lebanese political spectrum, 14 March and Hezbollah’s allies are rushing unblinking into each other at full speed. And the first to blink will lose…

I think neither would. The head on crash would be ugly; its first signs are starting to show. Assassinations have resumed, the United Nations peace keeping forces (UNIFIL) in the south have been targeted, and six Spanish soldiers were killed, no solution is even conceivable. Most 14 march politicians have fled the country, with their families!

The summer promises to be very, very hot. I m so disgusted by the whole situation and who the politicians are still playing their silly blame game…

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Lebanese flag...

A Lebanese soldier raising our country's flag on "Fateh al Islam" last bastion in the camp!

PS: Memo to Hezbollah, next time you drag us into another war at least have the decency to hold the Lebanese flag into battle, not your yellow flag...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hezbollah's true face!

Another example of Hezbollah’s militia like behaviors…

Yesterday, Hezbollah’s militia intercepted a Police patrol, passing through Beirut’s Southern suburb and the three police officers were disarmed, taken into custody and interrogated by Nassrallah’s men...Several hours later they were release...

Lebanon state is falling...

PS: This information was issued by the Police official press apparatus and was published by most newspapers and news sources in Lebanon, including website that belongs to Aoun and his party, Hezbollah’s own allies.

Al Manar however totally ignored the events, the spin masters finally ran out of tricks to fool the Lebanese people.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just listen...

what can i say...
I am so very proud [sic] to share my Lebanese citizenship with these...these... words fail to describe them...

But i have one question for the so called Lebanese in the opposition: is this how you all feel? Do you want all of us to die? or maybe kill us? like hamas is killing Fateh in Gaza?

I am starting to lose faith in the idea that we can all live together, in the same country...

PS: NBN is a Lebanese TV network that belongs to Nabih Berri one of the tenors of the opposition alongside Hizbollah and Aoun.
You can also watch CNN coverage of the incident here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Standing Up to Killers

I feel too empty, too apathic to even try to express my feelings, so for the mean time this excellent article should do...

Standing Up to Killers
By Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Washington Post

A bomb in Beirut yesterday killed Walid Eido, a member of the Lebanese parliament, and his son, Khaled, one of the smartest, sweetest and most delightful friends I have ever had.

I should wait for the results of an investigation into the explosion to learn who killed Khaled and his dad. But I will not wait. I am tired of the murders in Lebanon. I accuse the Syrian regime, headed by President Bashar al-Assad, of killing Khaled. As a friend of the family, I want to press charges against Assad and his Syrian and Lebanese associates. Enough is enough with the Syrian regime and its Lebanese puppets.

Walid Eido was a member of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority. Before his untimely death, the majority bloc comprised 69 of the legislature's 128 members. Now, the majority's margin has been narrowed to five, and there is no reason to believe that Syria will not go after these people and kill them, one after another, until it forces the government to collapse.

For the past few months Eido had been the target of a demonizing campaign by Syria's foremost ally, Hezbollah. Similar Hezbollah campaigns against other anti-Syrian lawmakers preceded their assassinations.

Hezbollah has been a supportive partner to Syria, often thanking the Assad regime for what it has "offered" my country. In truth, Hezbollah has sold out Lebanon's national interests to the regional autocrats of Syria and Iran.

Hezbollah might not have started the streak of assassinations of anti-Syrian Lebanese politicians that began with the killing of former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri in February 2005, but the militant group has certainly been complicit with the criminal Syrian regime.

Since Hariri's murder, we in Lebanon have seen the best of our politicians and journalists murdered, one after another.

Before Khaled's death, I had already lost one of my most inspirational friends, journalist Samir Kassir. He was murdered by a car bomb on June 2, 2005.

Gebran Tueni, who had been my boss at the Arabic daily An Nahar, was killed that December, also by a car bomb.

With each murder, we Lebanese have swallowed our anger and fought hard for an international tribunal, which the U.N. Security Council approved last month. We hoped the tribunal would deter the Syrian regime and its Lebanese puppets from further killings. Yet a murderer is a murderer, with or without a tribunal, and the killings don't stop.

As I write these words, I understand that I am risking my personal safety. Speaking out could jeopardize my security during visits home.

But I owe it to Samir, Gebran and now Khaled to write this. I want to tell the Syrian regime and its Lebanese cronies that the Lebanese are willing to fight for their freedom despite the heavy cost.

And while I'm at it, I have some words for our Syrian brethren living under the tyranny of the Damascus regime: Stand up for your rights and say no to dictatorship. Tyrants might kill some Lebanese politicians and throw other Syrian human rights activists in jail, but they cannot kill all of the Lebanese or imprison all Syrians.

We shall prevail. We shall prevail for Kamal Jumblatt, Rene Moawad, Rafiq Hariri, Samir Kassir, George Hawi, Gebran Tueni, Pierre Gemayel and all other Lebanese killed at the hands of the Assad regime. We shall stand up for the Syrian freedom lovers Anwar and Akram al-Bunni, Aref Dalila, Riad Seif, Mamoun Homsi and Kamal Labwani, among others, no matter how ruthless and ugly the Syrian dictatorship can get.

There will come a day when Lebanon is free and Syria democratic.