Sunday, January 04, 2009

The madness must end!

I am sick and tired of this endless circle of bloody violence. I am sick of the self serving, righteous rhetoric that both sides are using. I am sick of so called "resistance" movement and supporters, who care less about the welfare of there people, than about their divine victories, that leaves thousands dead in their wake. The madness must stop, and it will never do unless the moderates, the peace loving people, from both sides raise their voice and act...

Amid all this bloodshed, nothing reeked more of hypocrisy and double talk than Nassrallah. He launched a full blown attack against Egypt and the rest of the moderate Arabs, almost forgetting about Israel.

What is worse is his call for the Egyptian army to revolt and attack Israel and its own government, to help their brother in Gaza. But wonder of all wonders, Nassrallah asked OTHERS to revolt and attack, while he sits in his cozy little bunker hoarding his 40000 missiles, watching his allies in Gaza being blown to pieces, accusing Egypt and the rest of the Arabs of inaction!!! What a perfect text book example of hypocrisy and what an ally!!!

So Hezbollah needs to act and show us how much you care about the welfare of the Palestinian, before going berserk against the rest of the Arab. But maybe their weapons will only be used against fellow Lebanese, like they did on the 7th of May, but maybe they are waiting for their orders from Iran?

In the end, no one cares about the civilians in Gaza, neither Israel or even less Hamas and Hezbollah. Once more the Palestinians are paying the price of the struggles of regional and world powers on their land.