Monday, August 23, 2004

Musing on life

I have read a very interesting article today here is the part I enjoyed most. It appeared in the Sunday Times Culture on august 22, 2004. It was by Bryan Appleyard, and it was a comment on a new book on the Simpsons called: Planet Simpson by Chris Turner.

“How on earth do we get by, living as we do, amid the exhausted projects of modernity?
However, you can’t really satirize life, because there is no norm by which it can be judged, no perspective from which it can be seen. It’s all we have, it’s where we live. You can’t make it better by laughing at it; you can only make it more bearable. These shows aren’t satire; they are, in the highest sense of the word, consolations. They trash life as it has become the one true corrupter.”

Wow ... this quote so capture how I feel...

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