Tuesday, January 22, 2008

War game!

Now that is what I call a nice little simulation! Yesterday night Hezbollah goons staged a multiple hit and run maneuvers around Beirut, closing on the main road between Down Town and the Airport and closing it down by burning tires and clashing with the army and security forces, then rapidly moving away on scooters to different areas and closing down main roads, burning trash cans with molotov cocktails.

The army response was swift and efficient, and the road was reopened rapidly. However on a fast scale and over an extended period these tactics could prove difficult to counter.

So awaiting the full fledge uprising that Mr. Nassrallah is preparing, I think yesterday was a foretaste of the dark future Hezbollah is preparing for Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Nassrallah is busy collecting and archiving the hands and heads and pieces of flesh of Israeli soldiers, eagerly awaiting for the next batch of Lebanese remains that will be laid at his feet’s when Hezbollah launch their promised uprising…

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