Monday, January 28, 2008

Double Speak!

Yesterday was another day when the genie of "civil war" escaped from its fragile prison and roamed free for hours, in the streets of Beirut and its suburbs. It seems that this genie really likes the month of January. ( check his "activities"last year)

the schizophrenia that divide the Lebanese was clearly present yesterday on the TV networks that fill s the airwaves with their endless rhetoric and incitement. During the high hours of the confrontation Al Manar Tv (Hezbollah's mouthpiece) and NBN ( the station that belongs to the other Shiite big party, Amal) kept their regular programs and acted as if nothing important was happening, while people were dieing on the streets.

While 14th march TV station was showing live coverage from the scenes of the riots with their journalists spread all over the area, to provide precise info on the riots and their extent.

When it was time for the evening news, I witnessed another evidence of the deep opposition that pits one half of the Lebanese against the other half, that overwhelms even their logic and the language they use. The 14 March TV station used the words outlaws, troublemakers and agitators to describe those who were violently demonstrating in the streets, while the 8th march TV stations used words such as: innocent civilians, and Lebanese citizens.

Finally, another point of interest that i noticed is the fact that the 14 th of March TVs made sure to use the adjective national each time they spoke about the army (ie the Lebanese national army...)

So in the end yesterday's media coverage was a field day of Orwellian double speak, i think doctoral thesis could be written about it!
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