Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You can't live in Lebanon for an extended period of time without being rapidly able to adapt to any situation, no matter how odd and out of norm it is. And the Lebanese have perfected this trait to a point when even the oddest situation becomes part of our daily routine in a matter of days.

Take for example the quasi military occupation of a big part of Beirut's down town, alternate route have been found, most restaurants have moved elsewhere, mostly to Hamra and verdun (two prominent neighborhood in west Beirut) the rest have simply gone bankrupt. For in Lebanon you either adapt or you die, figuratively speaking or even literary.

Since the long series of assassination started in late 2004, it has been common knowldge, to all Lebanese that VIP convoys are to be avoided at all costs. At any hint of a speeding convoy you will see that most civilian car park on the sides of the road or take evasive action, as you never know when a such a convoy will be targeted by a road side bomb. lately, UN convoy have been added to that list of "dangerous!! run for your life!"

Unfortunalty, this list keep growing. Yesterday a further category have been added : diplomatic vehicles and convoys (i am referring to the attempt attack against a US diplomatic vehicle).

Well we will adapt and learn, there no other way. And here i think a quote from of of my favorite fanasty series "the wheel of time" will best express the lebanese people state of mind: "god willing we will prevail , and if god wills it not, we will still prevail!"
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