Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Hezbollah threats...

Mr. Nassrallah is back to issuing his empty threats, warning that if 14 March do not accept all the opposition’s demands they will... “ACT”

Frankly, I am sick and tired of Hezbollah’s threats. I considers that 14 March have given more than its share of concessions. Let me refresh your memory: although March 14 have an absolute majority in the parliament but it agreed on a consensual president. They even accepted the army chief, General Suleiman’s, who was considered closer to the opposition than to March 14. And finally they even agreed to give up the absolute majority in the council of Ministers ( out of a total of 30 ministers: giving 7seven to the president, 10 to the opposition and only 14 to the parliamentary majority)

But no, Nassrallah wants more, and if he doesn’t get it he is threatening the Lebanese with civil unrest and other “divine” surprises. Yet five minutes later in his interview he claims that the opposition interests are only for Lebanon and its welfare!!!

I am simply fed up, and to paraphrase Joumblatt’s stament to Nassrallah: You want a blocking third in the government than you will have to take it by force! Over our dead bodies!

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