Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nassrallah and his latest speech…

So now after all what he said about how wrong it is to suspect someone for the crime without solid evidence and a fair trial, Nassrallah just decided that Israel is the one behind the latest assassinations in Lebanon.

Additionally, Hezbollah always hinted and insinuated that 14 March were in league with Israel, yet he now considers that only Israel can be behind the latest assassinations? So according to him Israel is killing its own allies!

But I am not surprised; Nassrallah speeches have become a minor occurrence in Lebanon turbulent political life. But what was striking was the fact that, less than two months before the end of the constitutional period for the election of the president, Nassrallah did not nominate General Aoun as the opposition candidate!

If anyone had any doubt left about the chance of Aoun becoming president I think it all over now. And I can confidently say that Aoun will not be the next President. Who will be the next president and whether we will have a new president ate two questions that I will answer in my next articles…

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