Monday, August 06, 2007

Final Results…

Aoun candidate won by 418 votes! He got 39534 votes while Amine Gemayel got 39116. The Aounist candidate won by 0.5%, compared to 2005 when Aoun top candidate got 68% and an average of 63% for all his list, this is a big surprise!!

First of all it is a victory for democracy and for the government of Lebanon, which proved to be fair, democratic and totally unbiased. The government proved it legitimacy and its neutrality in the election.

As the full detailed results have not been announced yet, i will limit myself to a few remarks: My earlier predications was slightly off (as I awarded Aoun with more votes) but all in all what I predicted “a close battle with a slight advantage to Aoun” materialized!

Additionally, it seems that Aoun lost much more than the 15% I forecasted. The moment I get the detailed results I will make the full calculations. But it seems that Aoun got less 45% of the Maronite votes and his support dropped by at least 20%.

And for all FPM supporters who downplayed the importance of the SSNP and Baath in this election, I can only say that Aoun candidate only won because of the SSNP and Baath parties votes (remember the difference of 418 votes between the two candidates!!!)

In the end, no blood was spilled and that was a miracle, Aoun nearly caused a major riot by asking his supporters to descend to the central counting building, but the quick Army reaction saved us form the worse.

There was no big winners and no big loser. A usless battle that would not solve anything, on the contrary it strengthened the division between the two main Christians parties and thrust the Armenians in the middle of a battle they should have avoided at all cost!

At least we can still claim to be the only country in the arab world that has free elections...

So congratulation to the winner and long live democracy!!!!

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