Sunday, August 05, 2007


In order to better follow the results of the election in the Metn either try 14 March site (Lebanese Forces) or the Aounist one.

20.52: Till now they are both listing Gemayel as a winner.

21.11: Aoun announced his victory and called for his supporters to head to the central district where all the votes are being counted. HOWEVER both websites are indicating that Amine Gemayel won (with 2/3 of the votes counted thus far)

21.35: Gemayel's announced his victory! So both candidates have won!!!! Typical Lebanese elections. Additionally, have stooped publishing results...

23.25: no official results yet, but it seems Aoun won by a very slim margin. A few minutes ago announced that Aoun candidate won by 4000 and received a phone call by the Minster of Interior who announced this victory. Yet they just removed this info... Aoun denied it and he just announced that his candidate won but the difference was small...

In conclusion:

It seems that Aoun won, no official words yet but all indication shows that he won, by a several hundred votes.
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