Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two years ago

Two years ago on March 8 2005, 22 days after MP Rafik Hariri was assassinated, thousands of Hezbollah followers marched on Riyad Solh Square in Down Town Beirut to thank Syria.

A date that will become the "pro-Syrian" political camp's brand, the infamous 8 March against the 14 March (the brand of the political faction who refused Syrian hegemony).

Maybe as a reminder, that Square is unfortunately occupied by hundreds of Hezbollah tents nowadays.

For what exactly I still do not know, maybe for 30 years of occupation, or for the thousands and thousands of Lebanese citizens killed by the Syrian Army, or maybe for the hundreds of Lebanese still in its prisons.

That rally was followed a week later, on 14 March 2005, by a huge demonstration of Lebanese, who demand an international investigation in the assassination of PM Rafik Hariri and an immediate withdrawal of all Syrian troops from Lebanon.

Two years since that day, Hezbollah and its allies are still thanking Syria, its President and its military intelligence and army…

For me if I had to thank anyone, I would thank all the Lebanese who struggled, bled and died to free our country of all foreign occupations and oppressions.

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