Friday, March 09, 2007


It is incredible how easily can Hezbollah’s and its media mouthpiece twist logic and common sense to turn any situation to their benefit. In PR jargon this is called spin, and I have to admit that Hezbollah’s media arm is a “spin master” of the highest order!

When Ha’aretz printed an article about Olmert testimony to the commission investigating the war, in which Israel’s PM declared that he discussed and reviewed plans to attack Lebanon almost four months before the summer’s war.

Immediatly, Hezbollah’s media outlets pounced on the article, circulating it widely, claiming that Olemrt’s testimony vindicated their own verison of events and discredited all those who accused Hezbollah of being the one responsible for the war and its tragedies.

For Hezbollah has been claiming, since the end of the war, that Israel was planning the attack on Lebanon months before July, and the war would have happened whether Hezbollah abducted the two soldiers for not! In an effort to placate all the anger and blame that targeted Hezbollah and accused it of being responsible of starting the war.

However Hezbollah missed or purposely omitted the rest of Olmert testimony, the article states that it is true that months before the war, Israel’s PM reviewed plans to attack Lebanon IF, and I stress, only IF Hezbollah kidnapped any Israeli soldiers! In view of the previous failed attempts to abduct soldiers in 2005.

It is a small two letters word, but in this case it is crucial. What Al-Manar TV failed to point out is that if Hezbollah did not kidnap those two soldiers the war would not have happened, neither in the summer or in the autumn as Hezbollah claimed!

In conclusion, Israel war, whether it was planned before hand or not, was directly caused by the kidnapping of the two soldiers. So the responsibility of all the killing, destruction and tragedies lay squarely at Hezbollah feet! And if Nassrallah did not give the order to kidnap those soldiers, Israel would not have attacked Lebanon, and all those innocent civilians would still be alive.

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