Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New front

Hezbollah running out of options in their futile and bloody campaign against a steadfast 14 March, have turned to the only front that can still offer them a semblance, and I stress a semblance, of a victory. After five long months of pseudo-military operations in the streets of Beirut, Hezbollah just turned its attention south.

Their drive is focused on two fronts, they’ve picked up their provocation against Israel, with the alarming reports about explosive planting along the border, and the planning of new operations and soldiers kidnapping, which will be soon followed by Hassan Nassralh’s apologies and confession of his total ignorance of the consequences of such attacks. Meanwhile, Hezbollah have been raising their yellow flags all over the border, to show their profound patriotism (sic)

The second front of their attack targeted the UNIFIL forces. Several weeks ago, they started a vicious campaign against the UN forces accusing them of helping the Israeli and even harboring Jews –as if it was a crime- and former members of an old Lebanese pro Israeli militia (Lahed’s). Two silly and unsubstantiated claims, which only aim to threaten the UNIFIL and prepare the ground for some possible future attacks against them.

Hezbollah must understand that whether it is in the south or in the streets of Beirut such threats, aggressions and attacks will lead only to more death and destruction with no gain what so ever for Lebanon or its people. The only way out is peace and dialogue!

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