Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is your blood redder than mine?

Can we just agree that there are casualties on both sides, that people from 14 March died by gunfire as well as people from the opposition? And that People were injured, also by gunfire from both sides!! Is these people’s blood redder than those?

It is becoming ridiculous, as if we live in two separate universes. Al Manar Tv shows only the dead and injured of the opposition and Future TV shows only the casualties of 14 March!!
Both camps express their peacefulness and blaming the other for all the attacks, accusing them of trying to lead the country back into civil war.

Meanwhile, more blood is flowing in the streets and hate fills the hearts of ordinary people from both camps.

Even sensible people are being drawn in this blind violence and hatred. From here to a full fledge civil war there is only a step, half a step, no step at all...

My daily commute is becoming a Russian roulette. Will I be able to come back, will I see my parents again, will I die by a stray bullet. And you know bullets are blind, a March 14 bullet will kill me as fast as a Hezbollah bullet will do!

Tomorrow we were supposed to celebrate my upcoming birthday in Music Hall, one of Beirut’s most prominent night club. The booking secretary did not even complain or ask why, when we canceled the 12 person reservation.

Our country life is being sucked dry, meanwhile television stations and leaders from both camps have nothing better to do that run picture of injured people from their sides and blame the opposing faction.

Is your blood redder than mine?
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