Friday, January 12, 2007

Copy cat with a twist!

In the wake of the latest war, 14 march came out with a new slogan that evolved into a full fledge campaign. It is simply "I love life”. It was a sort of response to Hezbollah’s violent and death adulating creed. In other words, we want to live in peace, no more wars, no more death…

The “I Love life” campaign grew (you can check the website here), and frankly it was very successful. It consisted of several radio and TV commercials and open air events (like the big new years eve party) and most of all billboards, in three languages, all over Lebanon.

Below you can see two example of March 14 campaigne:

"We want to live"

However A few days ago the opposition came up with their own response to the “I Love Life” campaign. They opted to add, under the same slogan used by March 14, a word that expressed the opposition’s inclinations.

For example:

The billboards to the right says: "We want to live, IN PEACE"

"We want to live, IN DIGNITY"

"...,IN SAFETY" and the second one "I love life, IN All ITS COLORS"

Finally, I will leave it to you to judge the efficiency and creativity of the opposition response to March 14 campaign.

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