Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Futile charge!

In WW1 large armies used to dig up trenches confronting each others, and spend countless days waiting and hiding in their holes, firing a few shots now and then. Meanwhile the tension rose and rose, until it became unbearable. Then the “great” generals would order a charge and thousands upon thousands will surge as one from their trenches… and get mowed down by countless machine guns.

I always wondered why these general ordered such useless and futile charges, and why didn’t they even try to find an alternate tactic, to achieve their objective.

Yesterday, Nassrallah and his allies, decided to launch a new series of demonstrations that will target several Ministries and could reach public facilities. And I think that today’s “generals” –referring to all the heads of the opposition, not only Aoun- should be asked the same questions: why continue this futile escalation, why order a new “charge”, knowing that it will not achieve anything, except maybe an economic meltdown, or in a worst case scenario, civil war.

As the evidence mount I am starting to believe that Hezbollah is set on destroying the economy, or at least it is using the economic issue to blackmail March 14, into submission.

However, today’s demonstration has been a startling failure, only a couple of hundred showed up. I think the opposition is losing steam. People no longer believe that demonstrations and protests can achieve anything positive. On the contrary, they are starting to feel their negative effects.

In all cases, we will have a clearer picture in the upcoming days, as the oppositions will further intensify its actions. But I believe that the last holidays lull and the failure of this demonstration is providing us with the perfect opportunity for a breakthrough in political negotiations. And I will go even further in saying that this could be our last chance to find a political compromise before the situation gets totally out of hand…
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