Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another death…

Once more our dark fate strikes again, and another member of the 14th of March is killed. Minister Pierre Gemayiel, 34 years old, was shot to death this afternoon in plain daylight close to Beirut.

Most of Syria’s allies have restarted their attacks while Pierre Gumayiel’s blood is not yet cold. Their arguments? The same old ones: 14th of March are with America, they hold the government so this assassination is their responsibility; forgetting the facts that Syria and its allies still hold the border police (Amen Aam) so anyone from Syria can come in and out with no hindrance.

It has not been hours yet and the vultures have gathered and they accuse! Yes accuse the 14th of March of killing one of its members, citing the argument that this killing is too convenient for March the 14ht and that it will bring them the popular support they lost, and that some of them (Geagea and Joumblatt) spoke about the possible killings of ministers, beforehand! Forgetting the fact that every time the international tribunal to uncover who killed late PM Rafik Hariri and the rest of March the 14th heroes, is close at hand one of us is slain, and the fact that the council of ministers is teetering on an knife’s edge (if two more ministers are killed or change their mind then Lebanon will be plunged into an endless abyss, check my previous post for more info)

For all of Syria’s allies, Suleiman Frangieh, Charles Ayoub and the like, I can only say shame on you, shame you! Before impressing us with all these ignoble and disgusting accusation you could have at least held your silence for a couple of days…

Hard times are waiting for my beloved country and tempers are flying high very high… But all what I know is that no matter what happens Lebanon will always be free, secular and democratic country and will never ever be transformed into the like of Syria or, even worse, Iran!!!

And as always, Peace forever and ever!
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