Monday, October 23, 2006

Hot air

For the past month or so, Hezbollah and its allies have been raging a relentless campaign to change the current government, in which the 14th of March alliance holds a two third majority. (The Lebanese constitution stats that a two third majority in the government is needed to pass the most critical laws such as war and peace, changing the constitution…)

Frankly, the Lebanese political life is beset with deep hypocrisy (check my previous article) and this case offers a prime example. If HA is not satisfied with the current government (in which he and his allies has 5 ministers out of 30) why don’t there ministers resign, forcing the majority’s hands to change the form and the balance of the government.

Moreover, Aoun (who consider himself on HA side) has also called for a change in the government and for holding early parliamentary elections. So here also if they are not satisfied in how the parliament represents the Lebanese political life, why don’t they resign from the parliament (Aoun has 21 members of parliament out 128) forcing partial elections that will certainly show how strong is their popular base of support.

But in reality HA and its allies are only blowing hot air, further acerbating the tensions and undermine trust in the government and its rebuilding efforts. So for the sake of Lebanon, and all these people who lost their homes/loved ones/livelihood stop the destructive rhetoric and resign if you are so dissatisfied with the current government and parliament.