Wednesday, October 25, 2006


As I have been closely following the US midterm election, a website Election Projection caught my attention. This website aggregates different projections and polls to come up with an overall projection, which in the past proved to be rather accurate. (Here i have to point out that he is a firm republican, although this does not seem to affect his projections)

The webmaster of "Election Projection" declares edicts, in which he states his own projection and stick by them all the way till Election Day. I found this very interesting and decided to call edicts myself, concerning Lebanon politics.

Finally if I am proved wrong then I will owe you an apology and will publicly retract my edicts…

Edict One: The current balance of power in the Lebanese Government, headed By PM Siniora (where the 14th of March coalition holds a two third majority) will not change in favor of Hezbollah or Aoun, until the current President Emil Lahoud is replaced.
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