Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lebanese political rhetoric

With each day the political rhetoric in Lebanon reach new heights of stupidity, absurdity and narcissism... I am here talking about ALL the Lebanese politicians, their statements are only old regurgitated speeches that can be summarized in a sentence: “they started it, they are wrong, we are right!”

Is anybody giving an alternative, offering a new plan of action? No, on one side a fierce power grabbing campaign is waged and on the other side a fiercer defensive action is taken.

What is funny among all these statements and counter statements, and the respective demonstrations and counter demonstrations, are the PR campaigns waged before each to convince the populace that these upcoming statements will be earth shattering, mind boggling and future changing announcements. And each time we get the same awful bland speeches…

But the sad fact about all this mess is that each leader’s loyal followers are totally convinced by these divine revelations and regurgitate the same arguments and statements in their daily conversation and discussions.
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