Friday, August 25, 2006

A couple of questions…

I am very intrested in knowing how some of you stands in regards of these questions that i have been asking myself over the last week. However, let me first state very clearly that targeting civilians for any reasons, and I stress any reasons is morally wrong, and should be severely condemned. So regardless of who started this mess, Israel should not have targeted civilians, and no excuse can forgive this criminal act.

So with that out of the way, let’s move to my questions: Al Jazeera Network the program where Ghassan Bin Jeddo (a famous anchor of Al Jazeera with close ties to Hezbollah- he made the interview during the war with Nassrallah-) went with a couple of Hezbollah fighters to a southern village just on the border, that goes by the name Aita al Shaaeb.

There the Hezbollah fighters showed Ghassan some of Hezbollah's network of bunkers and tunnels that crisscrossed the ground of the village. To my utter amazement the fighters also showed the anchor that the tunnel entrances and exists were inside homes.

The fact that Hezbollah used civilians buildings in their activities (and through the program it was clear that they used them to attack the Israeli army and launch their missiles) has sever consequences, and raise many questions, such as:

a-How morally acceptable is this use of civilian building for military activities, and how responsible will Hezbollah be for the death of any civilians that are in or near the homes that they used in their military activities?

b-If Hezbollah used some civilian building for their military activities, then doesn't that blur the line between what is considered civilian buildings and what is military and may lead to the targeting of many more civilian building by the Israeli army.

c-How would you personally feel if your own home was used for military activities, and then was destroyed by Israel? Who will you blame Israel only or Hezbollah too, knowing that if it was not used then it would not have been targeted?

And finally allow me to indicate that this is not a effort to render Israel blameless of the atrocities of the past few weeks, on the contrary they caused them and should be held responsible. But what I am trying to find out whether Hezbollah share some of the blame in what happened, and to what extent.
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