Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A never ending war…

War times are here… People have reverted to their wartime routine, waiting for long hours to get a few liters of fuel for their cars, and buying the rest from the black market at double or triple the official price. Alternate roads and makeshift bridge crisscross the torn roads of my country, allowing access to even the most dangerous and cut off locations. My commuting time that ran for 30 or 45 minutes, takes almost two hours these days. While home rents in "safe" areas have at doubled and one must be very lucky indeed to find even an attic to rent in some of the "safest" areas.

Yet people are trying to bring a semblance of normality even to the most nightmarish of realities. The collective taxis, called "service", are still running, even in the most dangerous of places albeit at a higher price per trip, and most grocers are still working, although most imported goods are hard to get by. Even some pubs are open, and some "experts" are saying that alcohol and tranquilizers consumption have hit some new records. People have shifted their lifestyles to endure what seems to be a very long war.

Diplomatic efforts are abundant, and some initiatives look promising, especially the unanimous Lebanese government decision to send the army to the south. But I think that someone needs to win on the ground, for this war to end, and until now the military results are still fuggy, with all the propaganda wars going on (check my last post Propaganda wars). Meanwhile, civilians are the ones paying the butcher's bill…

How will this end? In civil war? In peace? Maybe it will never end! All I know that the previous status quo is no longer acceptable, and a new one needs to be brokered. Meanwhile I need to go a wait in line, for an hour or two to get some fuel for my car and then maybe hope for a few hours electricity so I can enjoy a cold beer in front of my TV.
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