Saturday, July 22, 2006

Unity? What unity?

I have been calling for peace and for putting internal pressure on Hezbollah to stop its violence, and now it seems that Hezbollah is the one pressuring the rest of us. People criticized me for offering a dissenting opinions and supposedly shattering our unity, while the pro Hezbollah forces in Lebanon and outside have been waging a fierce campaign against all the different factions. Nassrallah to Najah Wakim and all the rest of these guys, they have been attacking all those who stand against them, or have not supported Hezbollah, totally vilifying them, calling them traitors and maybe soon burning them at the stake.

It is shame, and it gives you a snap shot of what will happen if Hezbollah wins… the end of Democracy, the end of freedom of press and the end of Lebanon. Some of you will bombard me with comments saying look at Israel it is destroying Lebanon and killing its people, and if Hezbollah loses then we will be humiliated. That might be true. But this is reality and reality sucks. Nothing is totally black or white. All is gray and dripping with blood. Both prospects of this war are a nightmare; there is no solution that benefits us, the people of Lebanon. Everything benefits some external power. Iran or the USA. Israel or Syria. Our country is once more the battle ground for foreign powers using internal pawns.

Does this mean that I support Israel!! Not at all, as I repeatedly said earlier, I condemn all kind of violence, especially when it target civilians, no matter what are the reasons. And Israel methods of using excessive violence, targeting innocent and destroying infrastructure is beyond justification and have been one of the reasons, among many others, that we are in this mess that keeps getting messier…

So where is the solution? I do not know, I am tired, I am sick of this whole thing and I feel helpless. Every time I call for peace I feel like I am committing high treason.
I feel that the county have been destroyed and its soul is slowly being poisoned, by hate, by fundamentalism. More and more people have picked up the rhetoric of war and violence. And people are still being killed, infrastructures is till being vaporized and Hezbollah are till being portrayed as heroes, with no end to violence in sight.

Real peace is the only way. All parties internal and external must understand that we do not care for any ideologies, religions, or dreams of grandeur. Let them keep their battle for the whole Umma, and their fantasies of destruction and death. We are sick of all this. We want peace and we want it now! No more war, not with Israel or Syria or anyone else. Nothing gets accomplished through violence nothing but death.

At the end it does not matter who is to blame and who started this, all what matter is that if you stop believing in peace, no matter how much it hurts at the moment, then we and our beloved country are really lost.

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