Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blaming Peace

It seems I am being criticized by many Bloggers, Lebanese and others because I am calling for peace. I was even asked by some to go live in Israel…
Let me tell you that I am here to stay and I want to live in a strong and definite country that will never be used again, by anyone in the world, to settle accounts or wage their wars.

Second I ask all those who hurled their attacks and insult: what do they want me to do?
What will make me fit their mold, what should my position be? Some asked me to show unity? What does this mean?
Should I cheer every time Hezbollah attacks Israel?
Should I laugh hysterically when Israel civilian dies?
What should I do?
Enlighten me?

I will tell you how I think and act: I never stood by passively and complained about what is happening!
No! I said and always will say that I abhor all killing of civilian there is no excuse for that! None what so ever! Israeli killings, Hezbollah’s, American, Iraqi You name it!
And I understand that help is needed and I am doing what I can, but this is only dealing with consequences, forgoing the real causes. And unfortunately this means that we will have to endure this cycle of death and destruction once more…

So I cannot accept to stand by and only blame Israel, because this will not end the killing. Of course Israel is to blame and no killing is acceptable! But so is Hezbollah! And if we do not accept this fact then we will never end the violence! In two or three years it will start all over again! I do not accept to endure all this destruction and death just so that in a couple of years it will start again! I will not accept it! Not for the sack of religion, Arabism or any other obsolete concept!
I believe in a strong, democratic and pluralistic and most importantly peaceful Lebanon. And this can only happen if we decide all together to forsake violence forever!

How can this happen?
Easy follow your lawful government! PM Siniora stated that the army should be sent to the south to control the border, and asked for an immediate cease fire. Hezbollah refused!!!!

We, you and me hold the solution, pressure Hezbollah, and make them understand that we will not accept any more violence. No more death! You are fighting the wrong battle, pressuring Israel never worked nor did fighting it! We should learn from the past! Death and destruction only lead to more death and destruction, 60 years of wars and tragedies proves that fact, and I was here in 93 and 96! And violence stopped at that time because Lebanon had an exceptional man who brokered a treaty! He is dead! So now we have to act ourselves! Pressure Hezbollah, peacefully and actively! So that our children will not have to go through all this again!
Israel is here to stay! Deal with it! Pressuring Hezbollah is the only way.

So if any of you has any other ideas to stop the killing I am all ears!

Call for peace, Believe in Peace! even in these difficult times…

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