Thursday, July 27, 2006

A world gone mad!

Since last week, I started to feel the weight of having a dissenting view. Some comments I was getting were truly violent and spoke volumes on the polarization of public opinion. I started getting paranoid, fearing some repercussion of my blogging on my real life...And that is what happened. So for a while, I preferred to remain silent rather than feeling threatened. But I believe that if I do not stand by my principals, one can no longer claim to be free. And for me nothing is as sacred as freedom of speech.

So while I called for an end of violence, of bloodshed and death I was branded not Lebanese enough! I called to stand with our government and with our PM Siniora and I am branded thus! This is truly a world gone mad!! And that hurts so much, because I love my country more than anything and I want it to become strong, free and independent and no longer a playground for the war of others.

So here is my blog and that is me! If you do not like what I say: argue, comment or disagree and even boycott me, but if we can no longer have a decent discussion than we are truly lost…
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