Monday, May 04, 2009

Here we go again!

With a bit more than a month left before the June 7 parliamentary election in Lebanon, the political arena is feverish...

during the last stretch i will try to restart my blogging, offer some insight and as per my blogging tradition i will offer my own electoral projection. ( for past example check here and here)

Glad to be back and let's really see which way Lebanon will take... moderation, progress, democracy, freedom of speech and development or the other way, a la Syria and Iran.

I will have a counter on the right side of my blog, showing the projected results for each party. On one hand the 14 March coalition (Future Movement, Phalangist, Walid Joumblatt, Lebanese Forces and several other smaller groups), and on the other hand the 8 march coalition (including Hezbollah, Aoun, Speaker Berri's Amal Movement, and a constellation of smaller pro Syrian parties like the SSNP...)

In the next couple of days i will present the two main coalitions in details with links to their main web sites. And additionally, i am starting a parallel blog solely for a detailed projection of the next election.

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