Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Al Manar’s hypocrisy!

The son of President Lahoud just got married, and the father threw his son an extravagant dinner and ceremony in the presidential palace. The story ends here and frankly I don’t care about Lahoud or his son’s marriage. But what is interesting is how Al Manar (Hezbollah’s TV) dealt with that piece of news. They totally ignored!

Now fast rewind to a couple of months ago, similar event, Prime Minster Siniora held a sumptuous marriage celebration for his son in the Saray (the Prime Minster’s Palace) For several days however AL Manar top news was a detailed coverage of the celebration, that dwelled on the kind of food that was served, the invited personalities and even the color of the napkins…

Al Manar ridiculed PM Siniora, asking how he dared use the Saray for personal use, even though PM Siniora hardly ever goes out of the compound for security reasons. The campaign went for days and days, frankly it was nauseating.

This time around not a word not even an insinuation was uttered on the President and his son’s marriage. That’s my friends is called pure hypocrisy…

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