Monday, July 23, 2007


As always, Aoun brings about an aura of change, of bringing new blood into the Lebanese putrid political life. Alas, it is only a false illusion and that is a shame, and a terrible waist.

Let me elaborate, when he first came back for exile many saw him as a white knight coming to the rescue of our country. We hoped that he will bring positive change and cleanse the ugly political arena. However, he dived right in that smelly pool of mud, and became just another political player.

Many will argue otherwise, but the reality is Aoun is no better than any other politicians. And I believe that he is worse, because he had a change to ignite a new beginning and he failed...miserably...

For example in the first parliamentary election, he allied himself with Syria’s goon and henchmen all over Lebanon (the Syrian National Party, Michel Murr, Hezbollah and even the Baath Party)

His supporters argue that they were forced into such an alliance because the 14 of March coalition refused to give Aoun his proper share. An excuse that is even worse than the deed itself. For his action was an embodiment of all what ills the Lebanese political arena: the lack of principles, blaming others for one deeds and a constant flip flopping to better ones own interests and to hell with everything else. Aoun should have taken the high road, he might have lost a few seats but at least he would have proved his sincerity and moral toughness.

And now once again he had another perfect chance to make a change, by launching a new TV station, called OTV, which he claimed “will be a sincere and an unbiased source of news” However, he appointed Jean Aziz as the director and chief editor of its political program. Jean Aziz is one of the most biased, antagonistic and inaccurate journalist in Lebanon. He writes in Al-Akhbar a very biased newspaper, which excels at the fabrication of rumors and attacks against the 14 of March.

Mon General, once more your actions are a disappointment. Once more you fail in becoming a uniting force, only spreading dissent and divisions. Mon General you are only another one of our cursed, petty politicians who only care for their own narrow interests.

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