Thursday, May 24, 2007


Three explosions in four days… people are going crazy with fear. Rumors are spreading amok all over town, “the found a bomb in Hamra, no in a school close to Raouche. They caught two suicide bombers. Tonight’s bomb will target mar elias. Fateh al Islam said that they will hit schools and universities.” Among all of that, panic is setting in, streets are empty and only security forces are out at night.

Meanwhile, the “Nahr al bared” camp’s Palestinian refugees are fleeing, fearing renewed clashes. Support for the army has surged after this lull. All Palestinian faction (especially the PLO) have expressed their supports and even offered to help the army end “fateh al islam” the final battle will be soon, tomorrow or after tomorrow I guess ( it seems that I am too falling into the rumors mill, and starting my own…)

One thing is for sure, for a second year in a row, Lebanon’s summer touristic seasons is down the drain. The economic situation will heavily suffer from these events. And the political crisis is far, far beyond mending. What the future holds for our country is impossible to know, but it sure looks bad…

PS: several of my readers asked for information about “Fateh al Islam” head here and here for an indepth look.

Finaly the picture are courtesy of Annahar lebanese newspaper and the BBC website
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