Monday, March 05, 2007

Lies without end...

Two days ago the last episode of the opposition’s arms trafficking has been uncovered. A car loaded with brand new Kalashnikov machine guns has been seized. The owners are the infamous SSNP, a party known for its bloody past in assassinations, for its total subservience to Syria and even for its refusal to acknowledge the existence of Lebanon, calling for total unity with Syria!

This comes after several SSNP arm cashes have been uncovered in Mount Lebanon, and a truck loaded with small caliber weapons has been seized. The SSNP claimed that the arms caches were remnants from the civil war (evidence shows the contrary) and Hezbollah claimed that the arms in the truck are destined to fight Israel (but the presence of several light arms pointed to a different potential use)

Ironically the opposition’s media outlets –Al Manar TV and Al Ahkbar newspaper- have been waging a fierce campaign accusing the 14 March coalition of rearming themselves! Even though not one instance, and I repeat not one instance of arms trafficking destined to 14 March have been uncovered.

What makes these accusations even sillier is that even throughout the whole war Rafik Hariri never armed his followers, encouraging them instead to get a higher education! In addition to the fact that the Amen Al Am (the Border Police) is fully controlled by Hezbollah and its allies.

Finally, it is very clear which faction is rearming itself and who is pushing for civil war. As the old saying states “You can lie to some people all the time or you can lie to all people some of the time, but you cannot lie to all the people all the time!”

In the end no matter how good you are at lying, you will be caught!
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