Friday, March 16, 2007

Another setback for the spin masters!

After the previous International Investigation Committee in the assassination of PM Rafik Hariri was published, Hezbollah's media team picked up a small point and
spin it out of proportion to a point that it became a ready and easy answer used by any 8th march politicians when asked about the tribunal and the investigation.

The Judge responsible of the investigation, Bramertz, stated in his previous report that ten countries were not helping the investigation. Hezbollah and its allies started fabricating stories claiming that the countries were France, the US and Saudi Arabia and absolved Syria of any blame , based on the fact that Bramertz said that the Syrian Republic was cooperating, accusing instead the ten unnamed countries (which the spin masters named nevertheless) and of course their perpetual culprit: Israel.

The issue grew so much out of proportion that any discussion of the tribunal usually brought it up, accusing the 14 March of being biased against Syria, and wonders of all wonders, accusing them of being AGAINST finding those behind the assassination.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for the 8th of March forces, Bramertz explained, yesterday in in section 102 of his latest report, that:

"in its last report the commission noted that responses to requests from 10 member states were overdue. in view of the importance of the assistance requested and the time frame in which it aims to complete its investigation activities, the commission concentrated on following up all outstanding RFAs [request for assistance]. The commission held a series of meetings with relevant Ambassadors to discuss past requests . As a result of these meetings, almost all outstanding matters were resovled to the commission's satisfaction, with responses received and where appropriate, mechanisms introduced to facilitate the resolution of pending issues."
It seems that the web of lies that the spin masters of March 8 have been carefully building, for the last months is starting to crumble. first with apprehending the Syrians perpetrators of the Ain Alq terrorists attacks, which reinforce the blame against Syria in all the other crimes, and now with the debunking of their favorite response to the international tribunal.

I wonder what they will come out with next!!

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