Sunday, February 11, 2007

It just got personal!

Saturday February 10, 2007 in the lobby of Faray Mazar Intercontinental Hotel, a group of eight couples are sitting around a table chatting about everything and nothing, and of course about the political situation.

Meanwhile, MP Ibrahim Kanan, a follower of General Aoun, the ally of Hezbollah, with three of his bodyguards, passes by. Unfortunately, one of the men sitting in the table utters the three deadly words “We want to live!” made famous by the “I love Life” campaign of March 14.

MP Kanan stops and glares at that unfortunate person and then moves on…Ten minutes later the MP comes back and stand in front of the table, shouting “what do you mean by you want to live.” The unfortunate man stands up and politely introduces himself saying, “I want live, means I want to come to Faray and have fun, means that I want to send my children to school!”

-“The people you have been following for the past year and a half will lead you to your own destruction” vehemently answers the Aounist MP.”

“I am not here to get into a political discussion, I just want to go out and have some fun with my friends. Thanks, it was nice meeting you!”, answered back the unfortunate person.

-“I am the MP of this Qadaa, and this is my region, you will hear what I have to say!!!”

“No thank you, I told you I am not here to discuss politics!”

The unfortunate man turns and start heading back towards his table to sit down. One of the bodyguards unholsters his weapon, smacks him on the head with its butt from the back and fires two shots in the air!

The unfortunate man is my brother in law, and this happened yesterday in front of my sister and their friends.

Thank you Aoun for your democracy, peacefulness and empty promises, now I can better understand what happened last Tuesday and Thursday. Now I can understand who fired the first shots in those days!

Thank you Ibrahim Knaan and thank you Aoun, we will not fire or even hit you or any of your supporters back, we will just see you in court!

Finally, let me reiterate my brother in law, his wife and my own insistence that “WE WANT TO LIVE!”

UPDATE: I have posted a rather graphic picture of my brother in law wounds just after the attack. It is just below this post in an effort not to shock any sensitive reader.

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