Friday, February 16, 2007

How low has the mighty fallen

Nassrallah just reiterated his believe that the summer war is still going on against Hezbollah, repeating his promise that god’s party will be once again victorious, clearly implying that 14 March and their supporters are his enemies and he will defeat them...

Nassrallah also explained that there is no use for any multiparty dialogue, declaring beforehand that these negotiations will fail. He also explained that he does not want to meet Saad Hariri, reverting to “we still have many new “divine” surprises up our sleeves that will ensure our victory”

All in all Nassrallah speech brought nothing new, and stopped short of declaring war on 14 March. But I was pretty amazed by his assertion that every leader in the opposition represents all of them. So in this case, congratulations to all opposition members, you are now represented by none other than the great, eloquent and amazing Wiaam Wahab.

How low has the mighty fallen. I hope you are all proud, especially the Aounists among you…

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