Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back to square one!

Hezbollah and the rest of the opposition reverted to their old rhetoric: “we still have surprises up our sleeves; we will keep on increasing tension and creating new crisis, until you agree to our terms” A classic hostage situation.

Hezbollah either failed or choose not to learn from the events of those two days, in which Lebanon almost slide into civil war. They choose to turn a blind eye and continue with their escalation, threatening civil disobedience, refusing to understand that if putting Beirut under siege and paralyzing the country did not work, then civil disobedience will surly fail!!!

These tactics will not be successful; they will not accomplish any of the opposition’s goals, unless their objectives consists of bankrupting the country and pushing what is left of Lebanon’s youth to immigrate.

If Hezbollah really wanted a solution then it should agree on the international tribunal and then it will be possible to engage in a constructive dialogue and reach sensible solution. Meanwhile, Hezbollah and its allies are slowly destroying our country in defense of those who killed and are still killing Lebanese citizens.
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