Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A courageous soul

It is heart warming to find that in the middle of this desert of the "one opinion, one religion and one ideology" some people still have the courage and the moral standing to critique the current powers that be and express their feelings and opinions with such frankness, clarity and logic.

Professor Mouna Fayada, wrote two very interesting and expressive articles, in Annahar one of Lebanon most prominent newspapers, exploring the current feelings and state of mind of the Shiite sect in Lebanon -refuting the common myth of the total support that Hezbollah enjoys in its sect- and criticizing and dissecting many of Hezbollah’s current propaganda and claims.

I believe that Mouna Fayad showed courage beyond measure in publishing these two articles, in a time when ordinary people are being lambasted, personally attacked and even branded as traitors for just stating or proposing an alternative opinion or point of view.

The two articles are in Arabic and can be accessed here and here. The first one is entitled “to be a Shiite now!” and the second one is a response to all the comments about the first one.

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