Saturday, July 15, 2006

Undersige thanks to Hezballah

Nassrallah has just condemned us all! On a whim or a premeditated plan, we are condemned!

Day are starting to look alike… a kind of limbo, we are alive but not really. I wake up aimless, eat but the food is tasteless…Panic is setting in but so are the old war habits, long lines in front of bakeries, fuel stations and groceries, people are hoarding goods like there is no tomorrow, and maybe there will not be… But at least the electricity is still on, four hours a day, but I fear not for long.

What is next…more death…destruction…But what befuddled me was those people exuberant with joy who drove around in their cars because Hezbollah hit an Israeli warship. Unbelievable we are getting destroyed back in to the Stone Age and they are happy… Good for them…just do not cry when our country is utterly destroyed, you want war than you should accept its consequences, and you should bear them alone, not make a whole people bear them with you…

All what I feel is intense anger against Hezbollah… and all who stand by them…

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