Thursday, November 28, 2013

Idiocy has reached new heights!

While the region is being racked by deep transformations and upheavals, our esteemed Lebanese politicians are bickering fighting over the scraps of scraps…

Some, like Hezbollah and Aoun, are congratulating themselves considering that the US-Iranian deal announces their ultimate victory, while March 14, or what s left of it, are bidding their time convinced that the importance of our small “piece of paradise” is undeniable and the powers that be give a damn!

This might come as a surprise but Lebanon is currently so low on the international agenda that it is practically invisible. All what is required is for the current semblance of status-quo to continue with minimal bloodshed.

No you haven’t won, the price for the “deal of the century” might be Lebanon and it might not!  It might be the head of Hezbollah or not! Fact is the deal is still in the making, and if I were Hezbollah, I would hide in a corner and stand still until the storm has passed.

Meanwhile, no white knight will save March 14, not the US, France, and not even the KSA. Grow a spine, get your act together, and for all what you hold dear STOP betting on Joumblatt!!!

However, I fully know that my words are wasted, like the last sun rays before sunset, idiocy has gripped this land so tight that only blood and more blood is the only future I see…
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