Saturday, June 06, 2009

I am calling it: 68+ for march 14!!!

My predictions: it will all depend on how far Aoun popularity dropped. If the trend that started in 2007 by-elections, in which his popularity dropped by more than 30%. Then I can confidently say that March 14 will win with flying colors.

Now if the drop was closer to 20% then the election will be tied at around 64-64

And if Aoun only loses around 10% then March 14 will lose, with a minimum of 59 candidates from them and the rest for March 8.

Finally, i will offer my own projection: March 14 will win 68+ members of parliament.

Tomorrow keep your eyes open on the Metn, Zaheleh and Beirut 1 districts. But for an earlier projection of the results ( as these districts are larger and the counting of theballots will longer) look for the results of the smaller districts and how did Aoun popularity change. (like Batroun, Koura and Jbeil)

Additionally, participation number both of our supporters and the Armenians supporting Aoun will give early indications during the day... i ll keep you posted

Finally, let us all hope that the election are peaceful and may the best wins!

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