Tuesday, June 09, 2009

71 vs 57!

It is a clear victory! 
The 14 march coalition got 71 MP out of 128!
Aoun popularity suffered a huge drop. I am waiting for the official detailed numbers to calculate the exact number.
Meanwhile, the main armenian party (the tachnag) have failed to deliver the much taunted surprise. And their snobbish refusal to the Future Movement alliance proposal (Saad Hariri agreed to give them 4 MP) has dramatically affected their power base and influence, as they only got two MPs out of six Armenians MP in the parliament. 
Now it is time to put the elections behind us and start working to earn the trust that was bestowed to our coalition by the majority of the Lebanese people.
I am eagerly waiting for Aoun speech tomorrow... 
More to come on detailed results in the next week...
for general results check the official website of the Ministry of Interior.
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