Saturday, May 10, 2008


"Your violence, your weapons, your murders will not deters us! no matter what how many atrocities Hezbollah commits, we will uphold the values of democracy, freedom and moderation.

Hezbollah now has a problem with ALL of Lebanon and not only with the government! Hezbollah wants to impose its own views and values on all the Lebanese, without any discussion. And every person who oppose Hezbollah is to be brandished a traitor and criminal. But no matter how many Hezbollah kills, how many streets they invade, and houses they destroy or how many TV station they close down and burn, WE WILL REFUSE TO BOW DOWN!!! and we will stand fast.

What is Hezbollah doing in Beirut, wasn't its weapons only to be used against Israel and NEVER internally? Has Down Town became part of Israel? What is Hezbollah doing in Beirut, killing civilians, burning TV station and educational foundations?

We will not accept Hezbollah to continue like that, it is a militia now, and its weapons should be the subject of a serious dialog between the Lebanese.

The solution is simple: the army takes control of the streets and arbitrate on the two problematic decision the government took, then we elect a President and he heads the dialog between all parties. Then we will form a national unity government in which the majority will not have the power to unilaterally take decisions and in which the opposition will not be able to unilaterally impeded any decision making."

Thus our brave Prime Minster, Fouad Sinioura spoke, while surrounded by Hezbollah militia.

The lines are set, Hezbollah can either stop their military uprising or they can further dig a bottomless pit from which they will never come out...

Tomorrow we will all stand in the streets holding our heads high, and our Lebanese flags higher still... Tomorrow at noone we will heed the call of our Prime Minster...
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