Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally, some good news!

As the dust settled after last week's bloody turmoils and the miraculous Doha accord has been signed, i cannot but wonder why blood is always necessary to cement any agreement, even as tentative and precarious as the one our esteemed leaders signed.

The agreement is a pure horse-traders compromise, with a Lebanese flavor. All large factions got a share of the cake, but one, while the small minorities and emerging parties were sacrificed on the altar of national entente.

The propaganda machines of the two opponent switch to high gear in order to portrait the accord as a victory. Yet a the FPM emerged as a clear loser, while its TV network is toiling incessantly to portrait the orange General as a major winner in the current agreement, with his successful defense of the Christians rights, that was threatened by 14 March voracious appetite.

But the bitterness, disappointment and aimlessness was so evident. General Aoun has lost his final bid to an illusive presidency, that he has been chasing for the last 20 years. His defense of "Christian rights"was only a narrow selfish battle for his own political power. As the General waged his battle on Beirut's Christian MP seats that were controlled by Sunni majority, asking for their transfer to another district ( which falls under Shiite control- the current allies of the general-) He "forgot" all about the Christian seats controlled by Shiite majorities in the Bekaa...i wonder why...

All in all, Wednesday was a bright day in Lebanon's history. An agreement has been reached, and peace once again twinkle closer on the horizon, like an ever illusive rainbow. Hezbollah's men, who have been occupying Beirut's central district folded their tents and packed their guns. Beirut regained its heart. And a new President will finally be elected this Sunday.

Good news...yet a distant voice keeps me worried... But the time is for happy thoughts and not for dark ruminations... So i will go out and celebrate in Beirut's Down Town, maybe hit Buddah Bar for a night of drunken festivities, and of course make a long forgotten toast in a pub named Taboo...
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