Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A hammering blow to Hezbollah!

Imad Mughnieh, the elusive fox, the enigmatic top Hezbollah-Iranian revolutionary Guard officials, who some say is the master mind behind Hezbollah’s performance in the 2006 war with Israel, has been killed in Damascus, out of all places in the world.

The killing in itself is a strong message to Hezbollah and Iran. Israel, whom I assume is behind the assassination, is settling its score with Hezbollah, flexing its muscles and polishing the cracked halo of deterrence and power.

Where the assassination occurred is another message, in the middle of Damascus, in an upbeat neighborhood, close to the Syrian Intelligence HQ and to some Iranian facilities. The Israeli message is simple: we can get you wherever you are, whenever we want. Bashar Assad (President of Syria) must be really uncomfortable today…

Moreover, Bashar Assad must be really trying his best to reassure Hezbollah and their bosses (the Iranian) that he had absolutely nothing, and I stress, nothing to do with the assassination, and that he offered all the possible protection to Mughnieh.

Mughnieh was a key figure and his killing will have deep implications to Hezbollah and Iran. A responsible, or a scapegoat, will have to suffer the consequences of this assassination. Assad will try his best to shift the blame from him to Israel or some underlings, for he cannot suffer the wrath of Iran, not at this moment when the Persian wannabe-super-regional-power is his only strong ally.

Finally, let us hope that the anger and blame of Hezbollah and their patron will not fall once again on our country, especially if the party of god launch another war on Israel…

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