Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On the last hours of the last day…

Once again the Lebanese, and their respective foreign patrons, cannot find an agreement until the very last moment, when they are all standing on the edge of a dark tortuous and bottomless abyss…

Edges are fraught with dangerous problems, any misstep and you are in free fall, and once you are on an edge it is very, very difficult to get back safely.

So Lebanon presidential election will be held, if it does, on the very last day of Lahoud term. Pass that date all bets are off and all actions and counter actions will be possible.

48 hours before the election, the rumor mill is going crazy. Yesterday pessimism was abound. Today it seems most newspapers hint that Michel Edeh will be our next president.

Meanwhile, I can only relate an old French saying: do not sell the bear’s skin, before killing him.

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